The Collard Halloween House Tour

The Collard Halloween House Tour


I swear hospitals are a seething pit of death and germs.  I took The Todd in for a procedure last Thursday (he’s fine, thanks for asking) and came out with full-blown pneumonia.   Two very large shots, 6,090 tissues and 8 prescriptions later and I’m still shaky.  But I really wanted to put up the annual Collard Halloween House Tour–forgive any typos, my vision is a little blurry from the fever.  Grrrrrr.  I’ll have The Todd’s genius Outdoor Extravaganza Of Terror up tomorrow.  If I’m still breathing.



The Collard Halloween House Tour

spooky hall

The Todd likes to call my decorating style “Funeral Parlor Chic,” (thanks, honey) but we go for the gloomy, overlapping strands of Fall–the oranges and blacks mixed with the last of the turning branches and leaves.

Halloween owl

The Ever-Watchful Owl keeps his eyes fixed on the front door.

halloween stockings

Halloween stockings march up the stairway for Jack Skellington to fill.


Yeah, maybe The Todd is right about that “funeral parlor” look.

halloween tree2

I’m a little sad–I just couldn’t get our Halloween Tree to “read” on camera this year.  It’s a shame because it’s one of my favorites.

tree topper

Virgil the Vulture and the Halloween Star top the tree.

halloween banner best

I’m really getting into banners this year–so easy to make!

halloween mantle

Halloween Mantle in the living room…

skull reunion

Still life with skeletons.

bones marriage

The marriage between Mr. Bones and his lovely Bride is always so romantic…

steampunk  squashes

Steampunk Squash

wall witch

Our Wall Witch usually hangs around till Christmas, mainly because I’m too scared of her to take her down.

halloween wreaths

This is like, the first year I could use candy corn anything for decor.  Poor MacLean would always hopefully nibble on them, thinking this time they’d be the real thing.

halloween mantle family room

Once again, one decorative candy corn left after MacLean’s hopeful nibbling tour of terror.

spooky sign

Yeah…totally Funeral Parlor Chic.


I’m going to use more of those cheap Halloween paper forms from Walmart next year.


Harvest Crow is veering me into Steampunk again.

halloween kitchen

Slap up a skeleton and it’s spooky, baby!

zoe's ghosts

And…the best decor of all.  Zoe’s Spooky Ghosts.  Nothing tops kid art.  Nothing.  Happy Halloween!



the collard halloween house tour

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3 responses to “The Collard Halloween House Tour”

  1. Totally awesome thanks for sharing.

  2. todderinfav5admin says:

    Aw, thanks Heather! You made my day. 🙂

  3. Michelle S says:

    Amazing stuff you have going on there! Love it! Personally, I’m completely missing the creative gene.

    Feel better!!!!

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