The Power Rangers Are Back! A Chat With Jason David Frank

I was never a Power Rangers fan.  Nothing personal, I just slipped between the cracks of their coolness tidal wave, age-wise.

power rangers

So I never knew how insanely hot Jason David Frank–The Green Power Ranger! was until I got a chance to chat with him at the NYC Wizard World convention.  (Editor’s note: for the unitiated, Wizard World, Comic Con and their ilk are the Mecca for fans.  You get you meet your idols from film, tv and graphic novel, up close and personal.)  The fun part is watching all the CosPlay people–fan who spend an inordinate of time, money and travelling to dress up like and follow their favorite characters.  I counted no less than 29 Green Power Rangers wandering the NYC Wizard World halls that day.  And since the A/C was out and it was, like 100 degrees–that’s dedication, honey.

green pr

Jason’s fresh back from shooting the full length feature Power Rangers film in New Zealand.  We talk green M&M’s, martial arts and how his butt looks in spandex after all these years.  Click here to watch.  What a sweetheart!

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