These Women Are Called Fat? Seriously?

No question that an Olympic athlete is different than 99.99% of the population.  They’re physically gifted, exquisitely so.  They require enormous maturity and work ethic.  So, when these lovely specimens of Awesome finally make it to the 2012 London Games, they’re called fat?  Seriously?


For instance, the Brazilian Women’s Soccer Team…yep, they were called “chubby” in a hometown newspaper.


Liesel Jones is an Australian swimmer–absolutely gorgeous.  She ranked highest in a London newspaper poll for “Fat Athletes.”


Then, there’s Jessica Ennis–the British gold medal winner was–according to one news report–“chunky.”


I’m beginning to despair that any women is going to want to be an Olympian by the time my Zoe is old enough to reach for a role model.  There’s many gifted athletes who’ve actually had to leave sports because their eating disorders spawned by being “perfect” could no longer be controlled.

Next time we catch someone judging the body of a female athlete–I say we drive to his house and set fire to his shrubs.  I know the shrubs didn’t do anything, but these creeps must be taught a lesson.  Pasty news guys, beware your lawn ornamentation!

Cover photo credit: Washington Post 

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4 responses to “These Women Are Called Fat? Seriously?”

  1. Vesper says:

    Jessica Ennis is the Olympic Gold winner in the heptathlon

  2. Elkaye says:

    The word “fat” could have been a typo. Maybe they meant to use the word “fit” instead.

  3. bossymommy says:

    Can I be fat like them? Pleeeeeease?????

  4. Mab says:

    I Think the US Women Soccer Team will go for Gold.

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