They Hate Their Thighs, Too…


Paulina Porizkova was my idol growing up–I thought there couldn’t be anyone more beautiful than she was…there was one magazine cover she shot when I was in junior high school that made me weep, knowing I would never, ever compare.  Turns out the Super Models we all grew up loving/hating kinda loved/hated themselves, too.

In the new HBO documentary “About Face” (airing July 30th) these legendary women talk about how brutal it could be to be in the business of being beautiful.  I know, we all hate the whine of “it’s so hard to be beautiful, blah blah blah…” but the stories of cruelties from photographers, rejections for some imagined blemish, and for everyone, the final, ignominious slide into aging and out of Super Modeldom will make you relate more than you expect to.

This isn’t a sad story.  Watching these amazing women talk about the lives they’ve made and the satisfaction they’ve finally found gives all of us non-model types hope, too.  We had the chance to interview Paulina when she was on “Dancing With The Stars,” and she actually remembered me this time around!  (I’m sure my uber-creepy FanGirl gushing had nothing to do with it.)  Hear her interview here on The Todd & Erin Favorite Five next week, then watch the documentary on the 30th.

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  1. Thanks for that wonderful article – it really hit home to me – kind of like what these people are accomplishing

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