Tom’s Shoes 35% Off!

Tom’s Shoes 35% Off!

I circle Zulily like a deranged vulture endlessly when I know they’re about to bust out a couple of specific brands.  One of them is Tom’s Shoes.  Guess what’s out today, baby!  These offers are good through Friday 9.12, and free shipping is included!  Yay, you!


toms adults 35 off

Tom’s Shoes for women and men are 35% off!


toms kids 35 off

Tom’s Shoes for kids, also 35% off.


There’s some other bargains for kids today…I’m excited to see a big e-Tailer like Zulily offering items for children with special needs!

special needs

Special Needs clothing and gear 65% off.   Organic clothing, awareness tees, weighed clothing, chew items for stim issues and more.  Thank you Zulily!


sesame street 65 off

Sesame Street Collection: clothing, toys, books, games and dvds at 65% off.


toms shoes 35 off toms shoes special needs gear

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