Too Tired To Work The Microwave? Shamelessly Easy Restaurant Coupons

Oh, go ahead and print them.  You and I both know there’s going to be a French Fry Night (as my offspring so joyfully call it) so at least make it free or cheap.


I found a big fat fistful of new, free coupons, so click and print, my little cabbage.  You know I will.

Jamba Juice–a 16 oz. smoothie for a mere $2.00 w/ coupon.
Jamba Juice


Kellogg’s–print $5.00 worth of coupons

Kellogg's Family Rewards


Carl’s Jr.–free fry and drink w/ burger purchase

Carl's Jr.


Or…if you call it Hardee’s in your neck of the woods…


Plink gives you credit for every time you eat out at participating restaurants, which is pretty much all of them.  Here’s a $5.00 credit to get you started by clicking below.


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