Trying This…

…because I have to be honest: I vastly prefer the bloody Awesome of Halloween to the gracious traditional of Christmas.  But if I don’t want to raise my offspring to become serial killers, I should probably make an effort, eh?  I love the natural–and usually free–elements that make this look so pretty.

Step One:  I always start with the fillers. In this pot, a multitude of tree toppers to fill the center. Next the spillers, the cedar stems beginning that phase.

Step Two: additional fillers and spillers; blue coned cedar, blue berried juniper, magnolia, oregonia and long needle pine.  Finish with the thrillers; ponderosa pine cones, faux  green and red apples plus faux berry stems.

Step Three: why faux?  I love the look of real berries and rose hops, and if you’re in a temperate climate that allows it, go nuts.  I live in a winter area that’s just one step below the conditions that forced the settlers to EAT each other at Donner’s Pass.  Frozen berries turn black and nasty.  How do you get good faux?  The only faux ornamentals I recommend is the solid plastic. How would you know? Try piercing the faux with your fingernail, if it leaves an indent or pierces the fruit, walk away. It is styrofoam with a coating and will burst when freezing. The quality faux’s will last for years.

Step Four: Willow Eucalyptus, cedar, silver fir, spruce, cones and left over ivy and white Kale.

Look how clever you are!

Thanks, 5thandState!


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