Turkey 2.0: Tackling The Turducken

Turkey 2.0: Tackling The Turducken. I still remember our first Thanksgiving, when I was attempting to fool The Todd into thinking I knew my way around the kitchen.


“Okay, next I’m going to place my hand here, in order to remove–”

“What ARE you doing?”

I looked up to see The Todd in the doorway, looking distinctly uncomfortable.  I realized I was attempting to stuff the turkey while using the same soothing tone my OB/GYN uses on me during my pelvic exam.



So…uh…anyway, The Todd makes the turkey every year.  Once you’re bored with the basic turkey, it’s time to go Turkey 2.0: The Turducken. You’ll be shocked at how simple it can be, with a little professional help on the de-boning.  Watch the step-by-step guide with The Todd.

Not sure you’re ready for the Big One?  There’s also an excellent tutorial on cooking an unspeakably juicy turkey on the grill.

By the way…if you’re the Challenged One in the kitchen like me, you might want to refer back to 5 Fresh Veggie Dishes To Make For Thanksgiving.  At least we’ll look sorta cool…

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