“Bimbo-izing” Halloween For Little Girls

I swear, I am not the prudish type.

The Todd will tell you I have the cultural sensitivies of a 19 year old Frat boy, so I don’t think I’m being too uptight here, but you tell me.


We were shopping today and I came across some Halloween costumes for little girls…I started looking for something cute for Zoe and got more and more creeped out.  These pictures are from costumes sized to fit 2-4 year old girls.  Wow…so my Zoe can be Slutty Milkmaid or Pirate Hooker?  Are these really appropriate for a toddler?

I’ve always worried about the oversexualization of children’s culture–padded bikini tops for 8 year olds from American Eagle, thong underwear for 11 year olds from Justice–this seems to play right into the concept of forcing little girls into an inappropriate maturity.  Am I just new at this or is this weird?


Wow…love the hooker boots.


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3 responses to ““Bimbo-izing” Halloween For Little Girls”

  1. Carla says:

    and yet another reason why I am thankful for a house full of boys and no girls! What was I thinking when I said I wanted girls?!?! yeah, so glad I won’t have to deal with this. It’s ridiculous and parents should not be surprised when their little girls have self esteem issues and are sleeping with boys as a young teen… or preteen! “sexy” shouldn’t exist when talking about young children.

  2. Jackie says:

    I realized this about halloween costumes several years ago. We use to look forward to shopping for cute costumes…and there were always plenty. One year we went shopping, and all of a sudden all of the costumes were like the ones you have pictures of above. From that halloween on, we have made all of our own costumes.

  3. todderinfav5admin says:

    I don’t get it! Carla, you’re right about boys, I never had trouble finding something fun for my twin boys, but these “hooker deluxe” outfits for TODDLERS? How is this acceptable? Jackie, looks like I’ll be dragging out my sewing machine, too…

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