Unhelpful Marriage Advice & Taylor Swift Does Kesha A Solid

Unhelpful Marriage Advice & Taylor Swift Does Kesha A Solid. So get this: archaeologists say they have found Santa’s tomb. Seriously! There’s a crypt in a church in Turkey that has some pretty solid info on St.Nicholas. We’ll tell you about on the Morning Stream today. Here at home, District Attorney Sim Gill is actually implementing a new court system where police officers have to admit whether they’ve lied on the job before he’ll let them testify. This seems like an alarming trend.

Also! Utah Costcos are offering a YEAR’s SUPPLY of food storage- all wrapped up pretty and ready to go- they’e selling out faster than they can stock. There’s a fierce competition to become the Kindest Woman In Prison, and it’s really kind of amazing, we’ve got the story along with “Super” Helpful Marriage Advice, Cap’n Jack Sparrow just robbed you, a weird new trend in “modesty” for yearbook pictures, at least for the girls, why Taylor Swift is even more excellent than you thought, and a blazing ride down The Zipline Of Death at the Fear Factory for Erin. Hopefully, she paid up the life insurance first. Oh! And drop a comment on the show, would you, to win a decadent dinner for 4 at Christopher’s Prime Steakhouse. Why? Because we love your guts. All of them. Even the squishy ones.

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