Warm & Wonderful Winter Styles

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Warm & Wonderful Winter Styles. It’s all I ask: is it possible to get warm and wonderful winter styles that don’t layer me up to the point I look like a grizzly waddling into the cave for hibernation?  (Editor’s note: I’ve seen one of those–and at my heaviest weight, the similarities were uncomfortable.)

Here’s some winter trends this year I think we’re going to like…


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1. Patterned leggings are back!  Pair with a long sweater and combat boots.



www 2

2. Monochromatic–all over color and so slimming!



www 3


3. Lumberjack on top, flirty girl on the bottom.  Pair plaid shirts and sweaters with slim jeans and heels.



www 4


4. Wild patterned tights paired with neutrals and boots: you get to show off the skinniest part of the leg in wild tights, then slim the rest with a neutral dress or skirt and long boots.



www 5


5. Soft, wooley cashmere cowl neck sweaters with leggings or slim jeans.  Cosy.  Skinny.  Adorable.

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