Wednesday's Motivation Moment

I’ve started hill climbing to keep my fanny from like, sliding down my leg.  (I swear that’s what it looks like!)  The hills around our neighborhood look like this. 

It’s a beating, but I’m actually enjoying it!  Whatever your personal challenge, I hope this inspires you, too!

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2 responses to “Wednesday's Motivation Moment”

  1. cl says:

    You go, girl! We have good hills here on the roads and hubby and I do almost 3 miles every day. I have to say it is great for the bottom! Yes!

  2. Great job!
    I have been a walking fool lately, and have logged 44 since the new year started. No hills for me, but I work and live in a condo with 7 floors and that keeps me very busy.
    Loving your inspirations.

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