What The Love Of 100 Nursing Moms Can Do



What The Love Of 100 Nursing Moms Can Do. Okay, so I’m still crying after reading this story. I’ll be honest: both my sisters Jenne and Juli were pregnant at the same time I was- there’s the fertility lottery winner for the year! Anyway, I didn’t have enough milk for my twins, and my beautiful sisters donated theirs to make sure Zachary and MacLean had a full year of breast milk goodness. (Yes, I have the best sisters on the planet.) I know that’s why this story hits me so hard, but it’s incredibly inspiring to me to see that we can all give of the best of ourselves to others.


So, here’s the story… Palm Springs police officer Lesley Zerebny had just returned from her four-month maternity leave on October 8th when she and 35-year veteran officer Gil Vega were shot and killed after responding to a domestic disturbance call. Lesley left behind her newborn daughter Cora. I can’t begin to imagine the suffering of the Zerebny and Vega families, but a group of nursing mothers heard about baby Cora’s loss and reached out. The mothers have lovingly donated over 500 ounces of breast milk to baby Cora since Zerebny was killed. Here’s the story as told by a local TV reporter…



Now, there’s some places to donate if you’d like to help- these are listed by the Palms Springs Police Department:

If you want to send formula you can send it to the department here:

200 S Civic
Palms Springs, CA 92262

The POA has also set up a fund




And this is Cora with her gifts. I’m sending Love and Light to you, little muffin. You have an amazing life ahead of you.

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