What To See & Where To Be Seen At The Sundance Film Festival


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What To See & Where To Be Seen At The Sundance Film Festival. Sundance is underway and Park City is teeming with the PIBS (people in black) fresh from Hollywood and juggling 3 cellphones. With most of us only having an afternoon or so to maybe catch a film and do some celebrity spotting, I’ll try to give you a quickie rundown on where to go.


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Handy “Selfie With Celebrity” Tips:

  • Most celebrities know that if they’re out in the open, they’re fair game. But be polite, don’t attack them when they’re talking to someone or eating. There’s nothing meaner than making someone take a photo with you with a mouthful of spinach salad.
  • Have your cellphone or camera ready to go, no awkward fumbling and expecting them to wait.
  • Practice taking your selfies at home so getting the right position and a fast photo doesn’t leave you with a selfie so hideous that you will never show it to anyone.
  • Be sure you know who you’re approaching. (As a reporter, IMDB.com is my Godsend. Keep it open so you can match the face to the correct name.) Amy Adams will not give you an autograph when you scream “Isla Fisher! I love you!”


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Best Place To See Your Favorite Musician:

ASCAP Music Café: The 18th annual Sundance ASCAP Music Café held January 22-29 at Rich Haines Gallery (751 Main Street) has artists performing daily at 2pm. You’ll see huge artists and up and comers (so you can brag “I knew them before they were famous!”) like including Sting, Air Traffic Controller, R. City, Naomi Wachira, Yoshiki, Josh Osborne, Charles Kelley and Moors.


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Best Place To Catch Your Favorite Actor:

Variety & Fandango Sundance Studio presented by Dockers: For the eighth year in a row, Variety will host the Variety & Fandango Sundance Studio presented by Dockers from January 23-26 at 625 Main Street. (Sneaky inside tip: try to get a hug or an autograph before the celeb hits the stairs: the portrait studio and interviews take place up on the second floor, where us common folk can’t follow.)


Charging station for mobile smart phones at international airport  - Helpful corner for electronical modern technology devices and smartphones

Best Place To Recharge Your Phone & Catch A Few Panels:

364 Main presented by Barclaycard: At 364 Main presented by Barclaycard, guests can get complimentary Wi-Fi and attend panels on behalf of The Points Guy. Filmmaker and actor panels are getting increasingly difficult to access, so the lounge offers free Wi-Fi and watch live coverage of different panels throughout the Festival. An excellent second runner-up is the Dell Workshop:Adrien Grenier from “Entourage” is hosting daytime workshops with Dell. (There’s also exclusive film dinners at night, which Grenier will be personally curating with his celebrity friends. That’s going to be tougher to get in to…good luck!)



(photo credit: The Cosmopolitan of LV)

Best Place For A Cocktail & An Autograph:

Rock & Reilly’s: located at 427 Main Street, the club is home to A-list parties throughout the festival. 50 Bleu Ultra Premium Vodka is sponsoring killer cocktail creations. The Hollywood Reporter Media Studio is located at R&R’s as well, so your chance to get a selfie or two increases big time.

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