Win A $100.00 Sears Gift Card From The Todd & Erin Favorite Five!

 I saw my first violet today

I excitedly showed the tiny blossom to Zoe and explained that it was an important first sign of spring.  Zoe eyed the violet for a moment, then popped it in her mouth and ate it.  Thank the heavens we use organic garden products, eh?

But, it got me to thinking that a nice $100.00 gift card to one of those handy, all-purose stores could set you up with a new patio set…maybe a grill…or a big fat bunch of plants.  Thus, we have a $100.00 Sears gift card to give away this week from The Todd & Erin Favorite Five

Now then: how to win this Shiny Gift Card Of Awesome?

Direct your charming eyes to the upper right hand corner of this page.  You will see every possible way to follow us.  So please subscribe on Facebook, follow on Twitter, join us on Pinterest and/or subscribe to our free daily newsletters.  You’re welcome to enter once for every way you’re part of the community here.  Once you’ve done the dastardly deed, just comment on this post with your name and how you follow.  Already the rock salt to my snowy steps?  The pumpkin to my pie?  A comment is great.  Editor’s note: if you followed us here from That Went Well–first, you have a very high tolerance for pain, and secondly, you’re still qualified for every way you followed.  It all crosses over.  Handy, eh?

We’ll select a winner on Sunday, April 7th–good luck!

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39 responses to “Win A $100.00 Sears Gift Card From The Todd & Erin Favorite Five!”

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  3. Lyndie says:

    Says these pages don’t exist yet, but you know that I follow, friend, tweet and whatever else there is, you. I’ll buy you a pair of sox if I win this!

  4. David Girardo says:

    I follow on youtube and facebook. It says your twitter page does not exist.

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    Thanks for a great contest!

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    Been following you two for awhile…all 7 ways

    Keep it coming

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