Winter Chic – Stylish Outfits & Boots

 winter boots

Winter Chic – Stylish Outfits & Boots. There’s a reason I shriek with excitement the minute the snow starts falling. The cold bite to the air means it’s time for my filthy love of boots to rear it’s stylish head. In January I can drag out my 3,056 pair of boots and start wearing them with everything.  Seriously, you can wear boots with shorts in winter and not look like a wannabe Dominatrix.



You have the filthy love of the boots, too?  Here’s some gorgeous winter outfit combinations with boots–all a little darker, a little more daring and designed to make you feel rather dangerous.  If you want to locate a store for a particular item, click here for the shopping sources.




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2 responses to “Winter Chic – Stylish Outfits & Boots”

  1. maria montano says:

    thank you 🙂

  2. Junacool says:

    It’s a joy to find soenome who can think like that

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