Work It, Guuurl! The Todd And Erin The Morning Stream 3.28.17

Ever wanted to access your Inner Goddess? Welcome to the Beehive Broads Burlesque class! Erin tries out a night of sultry looks and complex hip moves to see what turns women of all body types and sizes into a sultry sex kitten.
Just what does United Airlines have against leggings? They threw two 13 year olds off the flight for the- gasp! The shame of wearing leggings. What about the passenger who crouched down in front of us and let her low-slung jeans show her entire behind? Where were you THEN, UNITED??
There’s an adorable new baby monkey at Utah’s Hogle Zoo, a daring pelican rescue, bad badgers who eat roads. Literally. And Stephen Hawking is auditioning celebrities to be his new “voice.” See the awkward audition process here on the Todd and Erin Morning Stream…


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