#YesAllWomen: The Tweets You Need To Read

#YesAllWomen: The Tweets You Need To Read


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It just never seems to end, does it?  The shootings, stabbings, the violence that erupts and blows apart a community.  When I read the coverage about Elliot Rodger’s “Manifesto” and the subsequent spree of destruction that left 6 dead and nearly a dozen more gravely wounded, my heart sank.  After reading the utterly rabid and vicious misogyny he sprayed like poison over his videos, my heart went somewhere into my feet.

Reactions from men seemed to land in one camp or another.  The utterly shocking: “If you b—hes gave da’ man what he needed the ho’s wouldn’t die.”  (Yes, an actual tweet.)  And the perplexed: “Ladies get over it!  Not everything is about you.  Stop blowing this up bigger than it needs to be.”  (Also, a real tweet from an old college professor of mine.)  The aftermath is even more disheartening than the actual event to me.  Especially because this kind of sexual violence is coating the world like a wave of toxic sludge.  Rape and mutilation is a function of war in Congo and the Sudan.  Literally hundreds of kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria are ignored by their own government.  “Rape Culture” as an actual term coined by the behavior of  male culture in India.

No, this is about us.  And it is a big deal.

It’s really hard for The Todd to read the tweets from #YesAllWomen.  I can hear him talking back to his computer screen with a plaintative “but most men aren’t like this!  Most of us are Good Guys!”  But he still reads the comments and stories and discusses them with me because he understands that right now is the time to listen.  It’s a rare moment when an outpouring of stories like these from women are actually heard.  And God bless my husband, he understands this.

If you think you’re alone in your story of rape, sexual abuse or harrassment, endless misogyny: you’re not.  And if you are one of the Good Guys like The Todd, you need to hear these stories and ask yourself if you can step in next time you witness it.  If you can condemn your “buddies” when they act like jerks.  If you can speak up and say “that’s disgusting” when someone starts “the talk” again.


#YesAllWomen: The Tweets You Need To Read


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yes all women


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2 responses to “#YesAllWomen: The Tweets You Need To Read”

  1. Kristin says:

    Great post and some powerful tweets. Thanks for writing this.

  2. todderinfav5admin says:

    Thank you Kristin–it’s emotional and so not easy to discuss, is it?

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