“Your Husband, Reporting For Duty” Best Homecoming EVER!

“Your Husband, Reporting For Duty” Best Homecoming EVER! Some of my best memories from working in Virginia were the military homecomings. (Editor’s note: I worked in the area of Virginia Beach, Portsmouth and Norfolk.  The cluster was generally known as “Hampton Roads,” which was a huge relief as a broadcaster.  See, Norfolk is properly pronounced “Naw-fuck”.  And since uttering the “F” word is a surefire guaranteed way to be fired forever in radio or tv, I always said “Hampton Roads!”)


Hampton Roads is a huge military town, with all manner of bases for Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard and Navy.  The military families that stay behind while Daddy or Mommy is out are magnificent.  They handle everything at home, while worrying about their loved one possibly in harm’s way.  Maybe that’s why this video made me weep helplessly.  Need a lift today?  This should do it…  Back early from Afghanistan, Captain Ronson surprises his family at the beach.  I dare you not to cry when he says “I swam all the way to be here with you, honey…” as he buries his face in his wife’s neck.

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