Your New Fall Style: 5 Slimming Tricks & Tips

I’m gleefully dragging out all my tartan kilts and scarves–tartan is cool again this Fall and being Scottish?  Boy, howdy do I have a bunch!


Plus, think about how skinny you can look with a cute kilt and black tights!  Here’s some more ideas to wear the new Fall styles without looking like you added an extra inner tube around your waist.

Fall Style: 5 Slimming Tips & Tricks:




1. Big sweater: pick a thin knit, (like cashmere) with detailing that elongates to slim the torso.






2. Fall jackets: pick detailing that draws the eye upward, like these cute buttons and the cut–and then pair with like color for an all-over slimming look.





3. Boyfriend Cardigans: once again, go for a thinner knit and detailing that draws the eye upwards–plus these nice long boyfriend cardigans slim over chubby spots on the hips and thighs.





4. My beloved tartan!  Avoid a huge plaid that adds width and use as accents, like scarves and purses.  Pair with black or dark colors for contrast and you’re skinny!





5. Costume jewelry and riding boots: bright and big jewelry pieces put the attention on the places you want–and those boots will always slim your legs.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Can anyone please tell me where to get that fall jacket on #2?!

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